Great Oden’s Raven

It’s officially unofficial. One and done; Greg Oden is going to the pros–at least, according to his father, Greg Oden Sr.

Greg Oden ended the season with a very impressive National Championship performance (twenty-five points, twelve rebounds, four blocks). And, though he’ll leave college without having won the big one–my God I hate the Gators–this is absolutely the best decision for Oden.

I have a few friends–you know who you are–who think Oden would benefit from one (or three, Drew Miller) more years of College Basketball.

Quick detour: I’m watching Sportcenter right now and they are verbally fellating Urban Meyer, Florida and a couple of the school’s recruits (I guess this is my first ‘live-blogging’). Is there a single player on their roster that even approaches some semblance of coherence when speaking? It’s a whole team of Mush Mouths and Boomhauers. On the bright side, when Timmy Tebow struggles throwing the football this year (turns out, that’s a major component of the position, Tim) he can always audition to be the next GEICO caveman.

Aaaaand we’re back. Three more years, Drew? Really? Greg Oden is a seven-foot, two-hundred and seventy-five pound monster that eats scrap metal and can palm a medicine ball. If I were Oden, right now I’d be soaking in that Tony Montana golden bathtub, flanked by shoe contracts, a strung-out Michelle Pfeiffer and Manny (Conley Jr.). That’s right, I think he should go too.


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