Beware Readers, A Cliffhanger Lies Ahead!

Ok, looks like for times sake, I’m going to write fast, make grammatical mistakes (what else is new?) and sum up our time in Nice very briefly before talking about Corsica.

Nice in a few observations:

One thing I noticed by looking out the train’s window is that the French are still in to archery. So that’s something.

I paid money–PAID MONEY–to use the bathroom in Nice. I could deal with that. What I expected was a toilet made out of pure G.D. gold. A throne indeed, dear readers. What I got was like Pakistan without the humidity. NO SEAT! Mandatory hovercraft? I don’t play that.

OK, now to Corsica:

Julie and I got on the ferry with like 30 seconds to spare. After my third-world bathroom experience, I expected the ferry to be a real zizijet. Instead it was a freakin cruise liner! Needless to say, we went absolutely bizonkers. Two restaurants, a bar, a pool, game room, two levels of parking and ALL the Disney characters–EVEN FIGMENT! I thought we were freakin stowaways, so we hid in the engine room. Some of all of that is true.

We got off the ferry in Bastia after an incredible trip. I panned the crowd, wondering how we would recognize our contact, Felipe. My eyes moved from left to right: I saw regular guy, regular guy, regular guy, ZORRO, regular guy–wait, WAS THAT ZORRO? Felipe greeted us wearing a pancho and a Croccodile Dundee hat, smoking a pipe and scanning the crowd. The car was a hatchback, two-seater Pugeot. Julie and I rode in the back while Felipe and Chevon (another WOOFer) sat up front.



2 Responses to “Beware Readers, A Cliffhanger Lies Ahead!”

  1. Justin Says:

    Dude, I love Figment. Tell me that part of the story was true.

  2. Zane Says:

    HA! Zizijet….

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