Goodbye Julie, Hello Pigs

I’m down at the Campana’s house on the first rainy day since I arrived at Lutina. Unfortunately, I’ve come without my journal, so some things will surely fall through the cracks here.

I’ve been living out every ten-year-old’s dream the past ten days: driving 4x4s, using heavy farm equipment, feeding and wrangling pigs. On Monday I helped Jean-Mathieu, Paul and Felipe put a handful of pregnant pigs into holding pens we built earlier in the day. Pigs are smarter than you’d think. Stronger too. It took all four of us to snare each pig by the snout, tie a rope around one leg, drag the pig into the pen (this took at least two people) and close and secure the make-shift gate. It was like ‘Hey Dude’ with more swearing and fewer boy problems.

Julie and I stayed over in Bastia (about an hour and a half from Lutina) two nights ago with a Corsican government official. We woke up at 6 am yesterday to make the ferry, only to learn that the Bastia-Nice ferry was cancelled. So we got Julie a ticket for a later ferry to Toulon and spent the rest of the day drinking coffee and eating cheese and dark chocolate. It’s hard being me.

I got back to Lutina late last night after saying goodbye to Julie. And (surprise) without my interpreter, doing just about anything that involves speaking to anyone has become prohibitively difficult. There were about six words spoken in english at dinner last night. They were all Antonia learning colors. So…red, blue, green, pink, yellow and orange was just about all I understood at dinner. I understood ‘are you sad that julie left?’ because I picked up ‘Julie’ and ‘sad’ and at one point told the Campana’s friend that Cincinnati was 100 kilometers from Columbus. Is that true?



One Response to “Goodbye Julie, Hello Pigs”

  1. Bloggerrg Says:

    Zak! Alone at last! Now where did you put that multi-talking dictionary anyway!?! Take care and don’t forget to watch the PSU game Saturday night from the pigpen!!!! Cheers and Corsican beers, Rick

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