Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers that grow so incredibly high…

Wow, that first post was more cracked out than I ever imagined it would be. Hilarious. I literally rolled out of bed and sat in front of the computer to write that whiney installment. My goal was: write blog post, get in bed, forget I ever heard of polyphasic sleep. But I was able to shake off the 3am patina of delerious thinking, eye crusties and incoherence. Lucky for me and my case study, I am a 3 hour core-sleep and one 30 minute nap into my polyphasic experiment. I even had a dream during my nap, which would suggest that I entered REM.

From 3-5 I made homemade ravioli and cleaned the kitchen (it needed it). I ditched the acorn squash idea and just made the filling from goat cheese and ricotta. Acorn squash was just too much work after my first night of truncated sleep.
I feel pretty good right now. I’m anticipating a crash here in a bit, which, if Murphy’s Law holds up, will likely hit me just as the lunch rush comes through the door. As long as I don’t pass out on the press grill, I’ll consider today a success.

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