The Kitchen Has Never Been SO Clean

It is now day four of my polyphasic sleep case study and I have never seen our kitchen so clean. This is the second morning in a row that, looking for something to do with all this extra time, I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. The pros of polyphasic sleep it would appear at present moment, all seem to be felt by my girlfriend who has slept better now that she only has to deal with my tossing and snoring for a couple hours a night and who wakes up each day to a clean kitchen and (2 out of 3 mornings) breakfast. I am unfortunately still waiting for the full benefits of my new sleep cycle.

The worst part of the day by far is my first nap. In ten or fifteen minutes here (5:00am) I will be laying down to take the first of my 3 naps for the day. It has been very difficult for me to get up from this nap the past two days. I wake up feeling unrested and extremely groggy. Two days ago, I slept through my nap alarm and woke up at 9:30.
What I think I have to remind myself of is this: I am still in the adjustment period and it will take at least five more days to be in the swing of things. For now, I have to deal with only some of my naps yielding a deep, REM sleep and my head being a little cloudy (or a lot cloudy). Also important is having a plan for what I’m going to do after waking up from my nap. This morning, I will be organizing my desk and office space until about 6:45 and then I’m riding my bike to the Clintonville Community Market.
RIP Steve McNair.

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