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The Buckeye State

April 11, 2007

I have finally emerged from my Men’s-Basketball-National-Championship-induced coma. It was a grueling episode of my life; one I will not soon forget. Immediately following the game–and subsequent orgiastic Gator celebration–I began having Vietnam-like Post Traumatic Stress flashbacks to Glendale, Arizona. Glendale, for me, is like Da Nang, only less humid. Chris Leak and Joakim Noah haunted my dreams and I cursed God every minute for getting my Buckeyes through such a labyrinthine March tournament only to stand by and watch as they were ignominiously dealt another defeat at the hands of America’s dong-piece.

Wallowing in Sisyphean self-pity as ESPN played the loss over and over and over, I had two clear choices; I could O.D. on poisonous Buckeye nuts, or start writing a catch-all sports/news/opinion blog to honor the State that has caused me so much pain.

After the doctors at the poison control center were done pumping the last of the (delicious) Buckeyes from my stomach, I knew I had but one option remaining: I would begin work on a web log. Enjoy.