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Ted Ginn is a Monster

April 12, 2007

Ken Gordon of The Columbus Dispatch reports that, in his Wednesday private workout, Ted Ginn ran a few 40s that were not quite “Ginn-like.” That is to say, Ted Ginn ran 4.38, 4.40 and 4.41 second forty-yard dashes on his father’s stopwatch–4.4 average according to the scouts–on a sprained foot that Ginn Sr. estimated was anywhere between 75 and 80% healthy. His 4.38-forty tied Calvin Johnson for fastest among wide receivers.

I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago and I’m not back to wearing dress shoes. Ted Ginn is running the fastest 40-yard dash among all eligible NFL entrants. This guy is a beast. If Ted Ginn were Jack Bauer, they’d have to call the show ’12.’ Superman must wear Ted Ginn pajamas. You get the drift: he’s good.

The Rams want him, but my guess is that he goes earlier. If the Vikings don’t take him, the Falcons certainly will–they love drafting Buckeyes.