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Week in Review: Duke, Imus, Oden, Grindhouse et., al.

April 15, 2007

My mom wrote me this week to say the following (notice how I leave in the praise):

“I love your blog – you write so well. I am impressed, but you are still a little rough on the Duke lacrosse players. Yes, they may have done a stupid thing, but they have certainly paid the price in more ways than you can imagine.”

The Duke Lacrosse case is very complicated, and in attempting to write about it, I–like a whole bevy of mainstream press–gave it shorter shrift than it deserved. In my defense, I was responding to a sensationalist editorial that equated the Duke players and Rutgers Women. I object to this comparison. I stand by my opinion that these two stories have absolutely nothing in common; the news cannot resist the ratings orgy that is born out of combining two unrelated, yet equally incendiary tabloids; and the Rutgers Women did not verbally abuse a stripper with racially charged vitriol.

I will write a little more about Imus in a moment, but first I want to clear up any misunderstanding of my position on the Duke case. Nifong, everyone knows, is an idiot. He charged headlong into a veritable bear-trap, having no evidence on which to found his case; and he knew it. Notwithstanding Nifong’s gross incompetence in holistically bungling this case, it is worth noting that, given any other prosecutor in America, the events would have unfolded similarly. As long as District Attorney is an elected position, officeholders will pursue cases with attack-dog zeal. The system needs to be fixed in more ways than one, but, across the board, the line between civil service and campaigning is long gone.

Don Imus was fired from CBS radio this week for referring to Rutgers basketball players as, “nappy headed hos,” and I have to admit that I vehemently disagree with the decision. I find myself in the Mark Cuban camp, but without the luxury of owning my own NBA team. Cuban calls this a “tombstone for independent thinking in mainstream media.” This is the standard in media right now: if you aren’t a Miles O’Brien/Katie Couric robot, you belong on cable.

I saw the Tarantino/Rodriguez double-feature, “Grindhouse,” last night (because Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres wasn’t playing). It was awesome. If you saw Snakes on a Plane and enjoyed the raucous audience cheers and laughter, just imagine what the experience would have been like had SOAP been any good. Enter: Grindhouse. The movie was three and a half hours long and I would have sat around for longer.

Rodriguez’s half of the double-feature was better. A completely over-the-top zombie movie, Planet Terror is, like Jack Black from High Fidelity would say, funny and violent and the sound track kicked fuckin’ ass. And, my god, Rose McGowan is hot.

Tarantino’s film, Deathproof, had a very tough act to follow. Deathproof stars Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike, a ‘Vantage Point’ era stuntman who laments the advent of CGI and gets his jollies smashing up young women in his black Chevy Nova. Russell steals the show as a bi-polar, maniacal, occasionally likeable psychopath. My only criticism is that the set-up took too long and the picture lost its grittiness. Planet Terror had the effect of a beaten-up film reel with scratches, burns and, at one point, a complete stoppage in action while ‘management’ fixed the reel. Deathproof had a few ‘missing reels,’ but was virtually grit free. See this movie; it was awesome.


  1. So, is Greg Oden going to the NBA, or is his dad that guy from The Waterboy? I can imagine the Conley/Oden family get-togethers are going to be a little awkward after Conley Sr. called out Oden Sr. in the press.
  2. Who’s the Buckeyes’ starting QB? Tressel says Boeckman for now, but the Dispatch reports that Henton is on his heels.
  3. Why does everybody love Barak Obama?
  4. Why does spell check recognize neither Barak nor Obama?
  5. Check out Jam Glue and O Horse Brown’s blog. The former is ‘remixing for the masses,’ and I’ve included one of my collaborations (with the latter mentioned O Horse Brown) below.

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